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Our craftsmen with enthusiasm and commitment that is appropriate for "roof professional group". We will introduce the CEO to put them together.
Yasuhiro Ichinose CEO

As the CEO of the company I would like to thank everyone for celebrating our 100th anniversary (in 2016).
My life has always been with kawara since the day I was born and just like everyone else I had interests in music and art, I spent my youth in Tokyo being unsure of my future whether to take over the family business or not.
I randomly visited Kyoto one day for sightseeing, and despite my expectation the townscape did not bore me at all with a perfect mixture of old and new designs. I deeply felt that such townscape is the Japanese culture and art that we can proudly introduce to the rest of the world, and the fact that my family business is taking part in it made me very proud. So I eventually decided to move back home at the age of 22 to be involved in the family business.
Kawara tiles have a long history of protecting houses and buildings. Where there is a house, there is a roofing material. Not only in Japan but also in other countries kawara tiles are seen. Just like in Italy where there are building regulations, an attractive townscape is kept by cooperative efforts between local people and their countries.
And I think Japan lags behind other countries.
In 2015 I had an opportunity to attend the “Japanese Tea Gate Project” held at Yale University Art Gallery in Connecticut in the U.S.A. to be involved in a project to build a transitional Japanese building. The gallery is equally prestigious as the university with works by world famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh.
It was such an honor to be selected as the only Japanese to participate in the project. The anxieties and difficulties I experienced were beyond my imagination but it also gave me an opportunity to introduce the artistic character of Japanese architecture, how that is based on sophisticated techniques and how Japanese workers face their tasks. I was proudly able to complete the project quietly, never insisting anyone on anything while still making my presence felt.
“Roof to Palm". Our own brand “icci kawara products” made a debut in 2016 by our newly established Kawara Product Department. Japanese traditional kawara have grown with us but because they are too familiar to be noticed in Japan. Our goal is to expose them and have them felt more casually to explore their possibilities.
Our mission is not only to inherit the traditional side of kawara but also to expand our scope to the new side of them in order to introduce the beauty and attractiveness of kawara. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a continuance of the good relationship in the next 100 years.