Ichinose Kawara Kogyo Ltd is a roofing professional. Contact us for inquiries regarding kawara and roofing works including renovation and repair.

Our company information and history. We have grown and developed together with the people of the local area, our staff and customers. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a continuance of the good relationship.

Company Profile
Company Name Ichinose Kawara Kogyo Ltd., (HAN - 26) No. 9863 by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Duration of Granting License
Address 829-4, Matsumoto, Isawacho, Fuefuki city, Yamanashi Prefecture, 406-0021
Phone 055-262-2771 or 0120-492901 (toll-free)
FAX number 055-263-4710
CEO Yasuhiro Ichinose
Established In 1916
Capital Amount 10 million JPY
Number of Employees 10
Business Description Roofing works including inspection and maintenance, kawara wholesale, restaurant management and real estate.
Area of Expertise General roofing works including Japanese kawara tiles, western tiles, coronial-metal roofs and solar panels.
Free Services Consultation for a house build and renovation, introduction of construction companies and conducting inspections.
Products and Partner Companies Sansyu kawara of Eishiro Kawara, Sansyu Noyasu,Tsuruya and many others, KMEW Colonial, KMEW Rooga and solar panels of Sharp, Mitsubishi and Kaneka.
Certifications 3 of grade one licensed tilers, 1 of KMEW ROOGA execution supervisor and 1 of solar panel construction engineer.
Business Hours From 8am to 6pm
Related Business Restaurant management: marimo café & dining
Product department: icci kawara products
Apartment management: Village Ichinose
Company History
1916 Ichinose Kawara was established by Yazaemon Ichinose the first with producing of ibushi gawara in a daruma kiln and roofing works as main businesses.
Upgraded Daruma Kiln

Kenji Ichinose (right) and Tatsu Ichinose (left)

Chikakuro Ichinose (third from right)

Yamanashi Yougyo factory

Village Ichinose

import zakka marimo

marimo café & dining

At Yale University


"Nijojo" repair work project

1917 Began to produce onigawara tiles.
1933 The second head, Kenji Ichinose, became the president.
1945 Chikakuro Ichinose was called up to the Greater East Asia War.
1946 Chikakuro returned from the war.
1950 Company name was changed from Ichinosesei Kawara to Ichinose Kawara Kogyo with the capital amount of 400,000 JPY.
1953 Capital amount increased to 600,000 JPY.
1956 The third head, Chikakuro Ichinose, became the president.
Capital amount increased to 1 million JPY.
1968 Company name changed to Yamanashi Yougyo. Building of the only tunnel kiln in Yamanashi whose dimensions were 60m in length and two lines and two rows completed and producing of kawara started.
1970 Sales branches opened in Hachioji and Sagamihara.
1973 A serious impact in kawara production by the first oil crisis.
1974 The forth head, Kazuya Ichinose, became the president.
1976 Kiln and sales branches closed due to a lack of good-quality clay and a growing popularity of sansyu-gawara. Company name was changed to Ichinose Kawara Kogyo to be focused on roofing works.
1996 Real estate business began. The reinforced concrete apartment building, Village Ichinose, was built at the site of the kiln and a lease agreement was signed with the FamilyMart Isawa Matsumoto branch.
1998 Company name changed to Ichinose Kawara Kogyo Ltd, the capital amount increased to 3 million JPY and an import shop “Yunyu Zakka Marimo” opened.
2003 The shop name changed from “Yunyu Zakka Marimo” to “import zakka marimo”.
2010 2 employees acquired a grade one license of tiling. Solar panels construction began.
2011 Another employee acquired a grade one license of tiling. Headed to Fukushima prefecture on April 11th to support the reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11th.
2013 Support of the reconstruction completed. The restaurant business began and “import zakka marimo” was changed into “marimo café & dining”.
2015 Capital amount increased to 10 million JPY. Attended the project “Japanese Tea Gate Project” held at Yale University Art Gallery in Connecticut in the U.S.A.
2016 100th anniversary.
The fifth head, Yasuhiro Ichinose, became the president. The own brand “icci kawara products” released.
2017 in May,
" Soto Buddhism Tenpyozan Project" at USA, California.
Construction ceremony 
2018 in October,
"Saito's Japanese Steakhouse" at USA, Florida.
in November,
"icci KAWARA PRODUCTS 2nd collection" sales started.
2019 in March,
"Hollister Japanese Temple Garden" at USA, California.
in June,
 "icci KAWARA COFFEE LABO" opened.
2021 in October,
"TOKOWAKA Project" at Kamakura.
2022 in April,
"Nijojo" repair work project.
in November,
"icci KAWARA COFFEE SALON" opened at Yamanashi Gakuin University.